ДОТ №9 укрепрайон №151 Ак-Монайский

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attractions / castle, a fortress, a military structure or facility (except secret) / pillbox (military); tower
Ukraine, Crimea
Ак-Монайский (Акмонайский) перешеек. В поле между поселками Приморское, Ячменной и Батальное. Подъездной дороги нет.
- 45.188952000000 35.562502000000

- 1917-1945 year
- partially destroyed

Suitable place for: family with children over 10 years; a family with children under 10 years; activities; away from civilization; beautiful view; exotic journey

Suitable for hobbies: history; bike; sightseeing; travel / tourism

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