Скульптура Олень.

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attractions / monument, sculpture
Ukraine, Kyivs'ka oblast', урочище Mezhyhirya (Vyshhorod Raion)
на территории бывшей резиденции В.Ф.Януковича – Межигорье, в селе Новые Петровцы.
- 50.613478000000 30.475111000000
- after 2000 year
- abstract composition; statue
- original
- до 30 минут
- street art
- bronze

Suitable place for: couple, romantic, romantic trip; family with children over 10 years; one visit, a trip to one; outdoors; activities; tour in the city / promenade; quiet place to stay; away from civilization; beautiful view

Suitable for hobbies: design; history; sightseeing; travel / tourism; bike

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