Руна Глаз (Древний греческий Глаз)

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attractions / monument, sculpture
attractions / architecture / panels; relief; fresco; modeling; mosaic
attractions / religious, religious building of worship for / ..more
Ukraine, Crimea, city Kerch
Южное побережье Керченского полуострова. Мыс Опук. Территория Опукского природного заповедника. Подъезд через сёла Мерьевка или Яковенково. Возле входа в каменоломню.
- 45.042792000000 36.232354000000

- until the 20th century
- abstract composition
- relatively
- свыше 3 часов
- cult

Suitable place for: couple, romantic, romantic trip; family with children over 10 years; one visit, a trip to one; outdoors; activities; tour in the city / promenade; quiet place to stay; away from civilization; beautiful view; eco-tourism, green tourism, holidays in the countryside; exotic journey; budget, economy class; beach, coast / holiday at sea, ocean, river, lake; holidays

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гора Опук

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